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In Today’s News March 18, 2009

Posted by Molly in News.
  • During his campaign, President Barack Obama promised to end funding national security programs, including the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, through emergency budget requests. He was especially critical of supplemental requests for programs and activities unrelated to Iraq or Afghanistan or that clearly belonged in the regular defense and foreign affairs budgets.

    With Obama’s first emergency supplemental budget request coming later this week, now is the time to see whether he’ll keep his promise.

  • Company officials hope the new aircraft will garner up to 190 orders, extending the F-15 line beyond the current backlog of 38 aircraft for South Korea and Singapore.
  • I respectfully disagree with most of CDI’s paper, and I am not impressed with ‘defense experts’ who are widely reported in political media while never using the term strategy and have absolutely nothing constructive to say.
  • Talk of Draconian program cuts abounds within the Pentagon. Why? Because making cuts is easier than making weapon programs conform to cost, schedule and performance objectives.
  • A top government oversight official today sharply criticized the way the Pentagon buys large weapons systems, saying in remarks prepared for Congress that systemic problems have led to $300 billion in cost overruns, failed programs and a need for major reforms.


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