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Budget Resolution Update: Department of Defense April 29, 2009

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The conference committee on the budget resolution came to an agreement on the FY 2010, fully funding the DOD budget request at $533.7 billion, a 4% increase ($20.3 billion) over the FY 2009 base budget of $513.4 billion.   The defense budget request and the congressional action also took an important step toward budget transparency.

The President requested $130 billion to support military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, which the budget committees included in a separate budget function in their agreement.  This brings the total FY 2010 budget request for DOD to $663.7 billion. This figure is comparable to the FY 2009 budget total of $659.4 billion, once enacted and pending FY 2009 supplementals ($141.4 billion) and DOD’s part of the stimulus package ($4.6 billion) are included.  The FY 2010 President’s base request plus the $130 billion request for military operations represents a slight (0.6%) increase over the FY 2009 total. See the tables below for details.

DOD FY 2009 Funding

($ in billions)

FY 09 Base

FY 09 Supp (1st)


FY 09 Supp (2nd)*

Total FY 09







* Pending

DOD FY 2010 Request and Resolution

($ in billions)

FY10 Base Req.

FY10 War Funding

Total FY 10 Request

FY 10 Budget Resolution*

% Inc. Over FY09**







* Includes Base and War Funding **Figure represents % increase over total FY 09

This budget is an important first step in controlling defense spending. Over the past eight years, the Defense Department’s budget has more than doubled and supplemental appropriations have been used to fund not only military operations, but also other spending, including procurement items, which has led to a breakdown of the Pentagon’s strategic planning process.  The new transparency will provide a more realistic view of DOD’s budgetary needs.



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