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Notes on FY 2010 Budget Request: Department of Defense May 7, 2009

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FY 2010 Budget Request: Department of Defense

By: Gordon Adams, David Glaudemans and Stephen Abott

Today, President Obama released his FY 2010 defense budget request. The Obama administration is requesting $663.8 billion in new discretionary Budget Authority. Of this amount, $533.7 billion is requested in the base defense budget and another $130 billion is requested for Overseas Contingency Operations to support military requirements in Iraq and Afghanistan. The $533.7 billion base request is a 4% increase over the FY 2009 base appropriation of $513.4 billion. The overall FY 2010 defense budget is a $1.3 billion increase (0.2%) from the total FY 2009 defense budget ($662 billion). The following are some highlights of the FY 2010 defense budget request.


Commander’s Emergency Response Program (CERP). FY 2010 request: $1.5 billion; 25% decrease over FY 09. In addition to the FY 2010 request of $1.5 billion, another $500 million is pending in the second FY 2009 supplemental appropriations bill. The Congress has provided the Commanders Emergency Response Fund (CERP) with a total of $6.4 billion since 2002. CERP is intended to provide commanders in of Iraq and Afghanistan with immediate funds to for local reconstruction projects.

Coalition Support Funds (CSF). FY 2010 Request: $1.6 billion; 41% increase over FY 09. Coalition Support Funds (CSF) are used to reimburse countries – primarily Pakistan and Jordan – for their assistance to US military operations. Since 2002, Congress has provided $7.6 billion in CSF, and the pending FY 2009 supplemental request $1.1 billion for the program.

Afghanistan Security Forces Fund (ASFF). FY 2010 Request: $7.5 billion; 34% increase. This request is a major increase in funds requested to train and equip the Afghanistan Security Forces which has historically received between $2 and $3 billion annually. In FY 2009, $2 billion was appropriated for the Afghanistan Security Forces Fund in the first supplemental appropriation, and an additional $3.6 billion was requested in the pending second FY 2009 supplemental appropriation.

Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund (PCCF). FY 2010 Request: $700 million; 75% increase over FY 09. This new account at DOD would parallel the existing Section 1206 program to focus specifically on training and equipping the Pakistani security forces. In April, the Obama administration requested $400 million for this fund to be available through FY 2010. The FY 2010 base request for PCCF of $700 million would be available through FY 2011.

Global Train and Equip (Section 1206 ). FY 2010 Request: $400 million, 14% increase over FY 09. Last year, Congress provided a direct appropriation of $350 million for Section 1206 programs after repeated requests by the Department of Defense to fund the program at a level of $750 million. In past years, DOD has also sought to make Section 1206 a permanent authority, to which Congress has resisted. No legislative language accompanied the FY 2010 request.


Military Personnel. FY 2010 Request: $149.6 billion; 4.8% increase over FY 09. The military personnel account funds DOD salaries, including both civilian and solder’s pay. Much of the increase in this account in the last decade was paid for in emergency war supplemental, this includes combat pay and other payments to military families. However, Secretary Gates promised a return of these funds to the base budget. Military Personnel constitutes 22.5% of the total DOD FY 2010 request; this would be an increase over its 21.6% share in FY 2009.

Operations and Maintenance. FY 2010 Request: $275.6 billion; 0.7% increase over FY09. O&M, as an account, continues to increase over overall DOD budget growth. The account pays for current military operations, material upkeep, and civilian pay. Current O&M costs per troop are $160,000, double what they were in FY 2000. O&M constitutes 41.5% of the total DOD FY 2010 request; this would be a slight increase over its 41.3% share in FY 2009.

Procurement. FY 2010 Request: $131.1 billion; -1.7% decrease over FY 09. Since FY 2000 the procurement budget has more than doubled in annual budget authority. In FY 2010 that trend may weaken. Procurement constitutes 19.8% of the total DOD FY 2010 request; this would be a decrease from its 20.1% share in FY 2009.

Research Development Test & Evaluation (RDT&E). FY 2010 Request: $78.9 billion; -3.4% decrease over FY 09. Many systems, such as the F-35 JSF, are midway through the development stage of their development, causing costs to this account to rise. As the current bow wave of new systems enter production or are cancelled, this account may shrink. In FY 2010 RDT&E constitutes 11.9% of the total DOD FY 2010 request; this would be down from its 12.3% share in FY 2009.



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2. warafpak - May 8, 2009

Thanks! This is an important post that I have reproduced large excerpts of on my blog (http://afpakwar.com/blog/?p=305), with some comments. I think, like some others, that the Af-Pak war has morphed into the Pak-Af war. If you agree, you would do us uninitiated types a great service if you would focus on the “Pakistan War” budget, along with supervision, accounting, and audit control issues, in your future posts.

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6. Peter - October 27, 2009

Doeas anyone know how much of the Navy’s $156.4 billion budget goes to the Marines? There is a lot of overlap, so I’m habving difficulties determining the exact amount.

7. Peter - October 27, 2009

in regards to 6. — please email me at calbakapa@yahoo.com if you can help. Thanks!

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