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In Today’s News June 3, 2009

Posted by Stephen Abott in News.
  • If there’s one thing that missile-defense advocates have always been able to rely on, it’s North Korea. Just when you think the budgets for anti-missile systems are going to get schwacked, Kim Jong-il pops off an intercontinental ballistic missile or a nuke.
  • Stirring the pot is a key part of what Loren Thompson does. Thompson, go-to source for many defense reporters and defense analyst at the Lexington Institute, has put out an issue brief headlined: KILLING THE PRESIDENT’S NEW HELICOPTER WASTES $8 BILLION. (Those are his capital letters….) OSD made the program kill official yesterday when they announced cancellation of the contract.
  • In response to questions from POLITICO, the Pentagon said Monday it now estimates it faces an additional $2.35 billion shortfall in personnel accounts for the remainder of this fiscal year ending Sept. 30. Nearly three-quarters of the money would go to the Army and Army National Guard, which have blown far past their 2009 manpower targets, thanks to a bad economy and a system of often costly enlistment bonuses.


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