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Crucial Differences between the FY 2010 House and Senate State/ Foreign Operations Appropriations Bills September 14, 2009

Posted by Rebecca Williams in Analysis.
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The House Appropriations Committee passed its version of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs bill on June 26 and the Senate Appropriations Committee concluded its markup on July 9. The Senate bill is currently awaiting floor action.

The President requested $52.0 billion in new discretionary funding for State and Foreign Operations.  While the Senate version provided $48.7 billion, the House bill provided $48.8 billion, $143.0 million more than the Senate. The FY 2009 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill, passed in June, provided “forward funding” for some of the programs requested for the FY 2010 State/ Foreign Operations bill. Congress has therefore provided less than the President’s request, which was anticipated.

FY 2010 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Bills

($ in millions)


Obama Request

Senate Bill Markup

House Bill

New Discretionary Budget Authority




This report assesses the critical differences between the House bill and the Senate markup, as well as the FY 2010 request. Click here for the full report.



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