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Top News Story: Obama to ask for $33 billion more to Fund War Costs January 13, 2010

Posted by Rebecca Williams in Analysis.
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An AP Exclusive released this morning confirms that the Obama administration plans to ask Congress for an additional $33 billion for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in an emergency supplemental appropriations bill.   This request is separate from the reported $708 billion FY 2011 defense budget request due out next month and the $128.2 billion provided for war costs in the FY 2010 defense bill passed in December. The additional $33 billion would bring the total defense budget for FY 2010 to roughly $669.2 billion.

A CRS report released in September estimates that the cumulative total for funds appropriated from the 9/11 attacks through FY 2009 (September 30, 2010) is roughly $944 billion.  This total includes military operations, base security, reconstruction, foreign aid, embassy costs, and veterans’ health care.  This total does not include any appropriated FY 2010 funds, such as the $128.2 billion in the FY 2010 defense bill and the $33 billion Obama plans to request from Congress.

Of the $944 billion, “CRS estimates that Iraq will receive about $683 billion (72%), OEF about $227 billion (24%) and enhanced base security about $29 billion (3%), with about $5 billion that CRS cannot allocate (1%). About 94% of the funds are for DOD, 5% for foreign aid programs and embassy operations, and less than 1% for medical care for veterans.”

The National Priorities Project, which bases some of its numbers on the aforementioned CRS report, totals war-related spending through FY 2009 at $1.05 trillion, $747.3 billion for Iraq and $299 billion for Afghanistan.  This total also excludes FY 2010 appropriated funds.

If FY 2010 appropriations to-date are included, even conservative war-spending totals surpass the $1 trillion mark.



1. Rebecca Williams - January 13, 2010

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