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The Grab Bag: Early looks at procurement in the upcoming defense budget January 30, 2010

Posted by Alexander Brozdowski in News.

Several articles by Inside Defense examine procurement and defense spending in the upcoming FY2011 budget request.  Budget Insight provides a summary of these insightful critiques.

Summary: Army Budget Request Lays Out Plan for Two Additional Combat Aviation Brigades

Draft FY2011 budget documents obtained by InsideDefense.com indicate that the Army seeks to form two additional combat aviation brigades (CAB’s): one by consolidating existing assets, and the other to be built by 2015. Other requests include $426 million to boost Army helicopter training capacity, and doubling procurement of MQ-9 Reaper attack UAV’s.

Summary: Draft Budget: Navy To Buy Nine Ships in FY-11, 50 Ships Through FY-15

Navy plans to buy nine ships in fiscal year 2011 at a cost of $14.1 billion and 50 ships through FY-15, according to a draft of the Pentagon’s pending budget request slated for release next week. The request list includes two DDG-51 destroyers, two Virgina-class submarines, two Littoral Combat Ships, one amphibious assault ship replacement (LHA-R), one Mobile Landing Platform and two Joint High Speed Vessels in FY-2011.

Summary: Air Force To Cancel 3GIRS, NPOESS In FY-11 Budget

The Air Force plans to cancel two major satellite programs and invest heavily in manned and unmanned aircraft in its fiscal year 2011 budget proposal, according to internal Pentagon budget documents. The multibillion-dollar NPOESS and 3GIRS satellite programs will be cut due to overruns and delays, while $10.7 billion in funding is allocated instead to the continuing F-35 project, as well as $4 billion for research and development of a new long-range bomber.

Summary: Draft Budget: DOD To Request $9.9 Billion For BMD Programs

Funding requests for the Missile Defense Agency will increase by $600 million in FY 2011, for a total of $8.4 billion, according to draft Defense budget documents. The funds would support the development and fielding a Ballistic Missile Defense System, built on a layering principle which provides multiple opportunities to destroy missiles and their warheads before they can reach their targets. The technologies forming this system would reflect the Obama administration’s shift in emphasis from experimental projects to employing existing systems already proven in-theater.

Summary: Pentagon To Seek At Least $130 Billion In FY-11 For Iraq, Afghanistan

The Pentagon will seek at least $130 billion to pay for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in fiscal year 2011, including $21.3 billion to replace equipment, $3.4 billion for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles and $350 million to move detainees from Guantanamo Bay to an Illinois prison, according to draft budget documents. The Pentagon is also expected to request another $33 billion in a fiscal year 2010 war-cost supplemental appropriations package, the Associated Press reported earlier this month. President Obama is drawing criticism for the continued reliance on supplemental spending despite campaign promises to end the practice.



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