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President’s FY 2011 Budget Request Released February 1, 2010

Posted by Alexander Brozdowski in News.

The Executive branch’s Fiscal Year 2011 budget request has been released. Fact sheets for the Department of Defenseand Department of State and other international programs can be found online from OMB, as well as budget breakdowns by topic and for other departments. The overall federal budget request for FY2011 totals $3.8 trillion.

The DoD budget request for FY2011 is $708.3 billion. With a $33.0 billion supplemental for FY2010, the estimated total Defense spending for FY2010 will equal $693.4 billion, a 4.1% increase over FY2009. Assuming this supplemental for FY2010, the planned percent increase in Defense spending for FY2011 will be 2.1%; without the supplemental factored in, FY2011’s request would amount to a 7.3% increase over the planned FY2010 budget.

The request for State and international programs in FY2011 equals $56.8 billion, with a $4.5 billion 2010 supplemental, bringing the estimated FY2010 State total to $55.2 billion.

At 10:45 this morning, the President gave brief comments on the budget in a televised address, affirming his intent to establish both a bipartisan commission on federal deficit reduction and a return to Pay-As-You-Go legislative budgeting policy.



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