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Happy April Fools’! April 1, 2010

Posted by Rebecca Williams in News.

QDDR Series:

Recommendations from the Think Tank Community

Next Lecture

The Department of Government: the Ultimate 3-D Experience!

Featuring: Laura A. Hall, Council on Foreign Relations Fellow, The Stimson Center 

Drawing on her experiences in developing whole-of-government operations and systems, Ms Hall will discuss the approach she recommends for the QDDR.   Concluding that alignment of people, process, money, authority, and structure is necessary for effective operations, Ms Hall will explain why a “Department of Government” that incorporates defense, diplomacy, and development capabilities will be more effective and efficient.

“The logical next step is that diplomats and development professionals must be integrated into military structures not just in the field but at all levels.  Only with a fully integrated system of government that allows for the complete overlap of decision making structures with implementation capabilities can we hope to achieve the level of coordination necessary to be rapid, decisive, and to demonstrate maximum superiority over all adversaries.”

Moderator:  Professor Pikov Andropov, Department of History, University of Southern North Dakota; author of Military Coups and the Rise of Totalitarian Societies: Lessons from Latin America

April 1, 2010; 4 pm

at the National Economic Reconstruction and Development Society

2121 J Street; 13th Floor

Weak coffee and stale pastries with messy powered sugar will be served

Copies of the monograph will be available and include the fold-out color org chart showing how USAID, DOS, and NSC are integrated into DoD to form the DOG.

Note: there is no actual 3D display involved in this lecture.

The QDDR Series is designed to provide on the record recommendations for policy makers from the think tank community.  We strive to include speakers who have spent significant time in government where they were themselves in a position to effect the changes they recommend, but did not.



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