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The HASC NDAA Markup May 20, 2010

Posted by Rebecca Williams in Analysis.
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The House Armed Service Committee (HASC) marked up its version of the FY 2011 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) yesterday, revealing some important changes in security assistance authorities and programs for next year.  Budget Insight will be diving into each of these areas over the coming weeks, but here are the basic facts of the House changes, according to the HASC summary document:

–         Section 1206 (Train and Equip)

The Obama Administration requested an increase in Section 1206 funding levels to $500 million for FY 2011, stressing that building defense capacity of allied and friendly states is an important part of US defense strategy.

The HASC markup fully authorized the President’s request, increasing the current topline by $150 million.  The bill also raised the ceiling on Section 1206 funding that can be used to support military and stability operations in Iraq and Afghanistan to $100 million (up from $75 million).

The HASC added a new authority, allowing $75 million of Section 1206 funding to transfer to the State Department to build the capacity of the counterterrorism forces of the Yemeni Ministry of the Interior.

–         Section 1207 (Security and Stabilization Assistance)

Section 1207 of the FY 2006 NDAA authorized the Secretary of Defense to transfer defense articles and funds to the Department of State for the purposes of providing reconstruction, security or stabilization assistance to a foreign country.  Section 1207 is set to expire at the end of FY 2010; the Administration did not seek to extend the authority or funding and the HASC did not authorize any.

–         Section 1208 (Support to Foreign Forces)

The HASC markup authorizes the increase of the annual budgetary authority for Section 1208 to $50 million, $10 million more than the request.

Section 1208 of the FY 2005 NDAA authorizes DOD to reimburse foreign forces, groups, or individuals supporting or facilitating ongoing counter-terrorism military operations by US special operations forces (SOF). The FY 2010 NDAA authorized $40 million a year for this authority; Section 1208 expires at the end of FY 2013.

–          Pakistan Counterinsurgency Fund (PCF)

The House markup extended the authority for PCF through FY 2011, essentially providing a safety net for the State Department’s Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund (PCCF).

The FY 2009 Emergency Supplemental authorized the DOD, with concurrence of the Secretary of State, to assist the government of Pakistan in building the capacity of Pakistan’s security forces to conduct counterinsurgency operations in support of US efforts in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).  The FY 2009 supplemental provided $400 million in FY 2009 funding for DOD’s Pakistan Counterinsurgency Fund (PCF) and also provided $700 million for State’s PCCF which became available September 30, 2009 and remains available until FY 2011.

This year has essentially been a pass through as the FY 2010 NDAA authorized PCF to be resourced with transferred funds from State, with DOD concurrence, in addition to the funds it received in FY 2009.  The PCCF also expires in FY 2011, as funds became available on September 30, 2009 and remain available through FY 2011 and are part of the International Affairs (Function 150) budget.

–          Coalition Support Funds (CSF)

The HASC markup fully authorizes the President’s request for $1.6 billion for CSF for FY 2011 to reimburse cooperating countries for logistical, military and other expenses incurred while supporting US military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and other overseas contingency operations.

CSF was originally created to reimburse the governments of Pakistan and Jordan for their support in counter-terror operations. According to GAO, Pakistan has been the largest recipient of CSF funds, receiving 81 percent of all CSF reimbursements.

–                Other Authorities…

The HASC summary document is not the full markup and does not dive into the specifics about other security assistance accounts including the Commander’s Emergency Response Program (CERP), Iraq Security Forces Fund, and the Afghanistan Security Forces Fund.  The full HASC markup should become available in a few days.


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