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Defense Cuts Must Be on the Table: A Series of Analyses June 25, 2010

Posted by Rebecca Williams in Analysis.
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Stephen Walt’s recent blog piece asks many thoughtful questions about how the defense and international affairs budget – and our national security – might be affected given the austere fiscal environment of the upcoming year.

Budget Insight has provided several analyses on this and other related subjects, including:

Secretary Gates and Disciple at DOD– Dr. Gordon Adams warns of the two tsunamis bearing down on the Pentagon: 1) historic levels of deficits and US debt and 2) the departure of the US military from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Concerns about deficits and debt coupled with a shrinking presence in Iraq and Afghanistan will pull the rug out from under public support for what has been an undisciplined military budget.

Disciplining defense while supporting the troops– Dr. Gordon Adams and Matt Leatherman explain why defense spending is at the crux of the politically difficult decisions needed to bring sustainability back to Washington.

The Long Term Debt Threat: Virginia Woolf Syndrome– Rebecca Williams and Matt Leatherman describe the long-term, unsustainable path of U.S. federal spending and its affects on the defense and international affairs budgets.

Adams weighs in on the QDR– Dr. Gordon Adams offers his critiques of the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), arguing that the QDR does not prioritize the military’s missions and objectives.  As result, the QDR does not provide a true defense strategy.  Instead, it layers new missions on top of preexisting ones.



1. Gordon Adams Featured on NPR « Budget Insight - July 6, 2010

[…] Defense Cuts Must Be On The Table: A Series of Analyses […]

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